PP520 Small Animal Cage onStand



The PP520 Small Animal Cage onStand is a cage for a variety of small animals including rabbits and guinea pigs. Also use as a breeder cage for puppies, kittens, and other animals.

The dimensions for the cage is 40 inches long by 22 inches deep by 37 inches high on the stand. It weighs about 37 pounds. The heavy-duty plastic pan is 6.5 inches deep. Supported along the length for additional stability. The bottom grille is removable. There are two large doors – one on the side and the other on the top. It has a tubular steel stand with easy-rolling casters.

Features of the PP520 Small Animal Cage onStand:
  • Dimensions: 40 inches Long by  22 inches Deep by 37 inches High
  • Easy roll casters
  • 6.5 inches deep plastic pan
  • Removable bottom grille
  • 2 large doors
  • Tubular steel stand

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs

Prevue Hendryx