PetRun PR730 – Dog Treadmills


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The PetRun PR730 – Dog Treadmills is for dogs up to 265 pounds and with a maximum length of 59 inches! Professionally designed for very large and very active dogs. It has an Air Step Incline system that allows you to increase or decrease the incline as needed. It folds easily for storage.

The running platform is low. This makes it easy for your dog to climb aboard, walk, and run without fear or shyness. The dog treadmill features a silent driving system for quiet operation. Controlled remotely or manually with speed and timer controls. There is an emergency safety stop feature. The speed goes from 0.6 to 7.5 MPH. Includes a dog chain holder.

The overall size of the treadmill is 100 inches long by 34 inches wide by 20 inches high. The running area is 98 inches long by 25 inches wide. The shipping weight is 331 pounds.

Features of the PetRun PR730 – Dog Treadmills:
  • For Dogs Up to 265 Pounds and a maximum of 59 inches long
  • Dimensions of the Tread Running Area: 98 inches by 25 inches
  • Overall Size: 100 inches long by 34 inches wide by 20 inches high
  • The Incline of the platform is changeable
  • It has a low running platform
  • Controlled with a Remote or manually
  • Has a Speed and timer control
  • Emergency safety stop
  • Includes a Dog chain holder
  • Speed of the treadmill goes from 0.6 MPH to 7.5 MPH
  • Has a Silent driving system for very quiet operation
  • It weighs 331 pounds

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