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Pet Tracking – Find My Pet Nano GPS Tracker provides a smart pet tracking collar to make sure you will not lose your pet. By enlisting the aid of modern technology you can keep tabs on your pet 24/7. This is done with a sophisticated GPS tracking system. The smart Nano GPS pet locator collar locates your pet anywhere in the world. Just as long as it can connect to any GSM (2G) cell network.

If you are not in an area with a 2G cell network this product will not work. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. This cell phone system is used in most of the world – in more than 80 countries. Using Pet Tracking – Find My Pet Nano GPS Tracker allows you to use your laptop or smartphone to instantly track where your pet is or has been. As long as your pet is wearing the GPS pet monitor collar.

IMPORTANT: This is a GPS unit, it should be outside to receive the most accurate tracking and updates. Otherwise it will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to locate your pet. If these are not available it will use cell networks to give a general location of your pet.

100% Guarantee and Warranty. This is a high tech product and there is a learning curve. 99.9% of all customer concerns can be fixed with a call to customer service (see owners manual).

If you are afraid of your pet – dog, cat, or others – getting lost or stolen this pet Nano GPS tracker will help give you a peace of mind. In addition to purchasing this item you will need to pay a monthly small cell network subscription fee. This will be to monitor your pet.

  • FIND MY PET NANO GPS TRACKER IS A GPS TRACKING DEVICE: To provide the MOST ACCURATE LOCATION it needs to be outdoors so it can connect with GPS satellites. If it loses contact with the satellites, it will use available Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals and then finally cell phone networks to track and locate your pet. Our App will tell you if Wi-Fi or cell networks are being used to track your pet.
  • WI-FI AND BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Unlike most GPS trackers, the Find My Pet Nano can track accurately indoors and out using existing WI-FI and Bluetooth signals, No passwords needed! How is that for peace of mind! Waterproof and Rechargeable.
  • FIND & TRACK YOUR PET ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE: You will be able to locate your pet on your smartphone anywhere in the world as long as you have GSM (2G) cell network coverage – SIM Card is included! You can also track your pet with a web browser on our website. Automatically tracks in real time in 1 minute intervals! You can manually update your pet’s location anytime you want.
  • ONE IN THREE PETS GET LOST AT SOME POINT: With the Find My Pet GPS Nano your pet won’t be one of them! With Find My Pet GPS Nano, you can add as many pets as you want to your account and keep track of all of them all the time!
  • 1 MONTH FREE SERVICE: You will be able to use this GPS pet tracker for the first month for free! After that, there’s a small subscription of $4.99 per month. Or choose a One-year plan for $4.17 per month. Or Three-year plan for only $2.75 per month to save even more!
How Does Find My Pet Nano GPS Tracker Work?

The Find My Pet Nano GPS Tracker uses existing cell phone networks to send information from the unit to the app. In the US, we use the T-Mobile network, and others, to provide cell coverage. As long as one of the networks is available, your Find My Pet Tracker will work. Find My Pet should work anywhere your cell phone works but coverage cannot be 100% guaranteed. The amazing thing is your pet can be located anywhere in the world that it can connect to a 2G GSM cell network. See Coverage Map above for U.S. Coverage areas.

Features of the Pet Tracking – Find My Pet Nano GPS Tracker:
  • Smart Alerts: helpful alerts via text (Up to 10 per month), email and app notifications. Done the moment it detects location change, movement and more!
  • Small and Light: 1.4 inches in Diameter by 1/2 inches High – Weighs just 3/4 of an Ounce!
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 96 Hours
  • Geo-Fencing: Set up a safe area and get alerts if your pet leaves the area
  • Tracking History: See where your pet has been up to One Year
  • SOS Button: Sends your pet’s location to you and anyone you designate
  • Family and Friends List: Add you family and friends to your account. They can receive alerts or help locate your pet



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