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Pet Tracking – Find My Pet GPS Tracker introduces a smart pet tracking collar to make sure you will not lose your pet. By enlisting the aid of modern technology you can keep tabs on your pet 24/7. This is done with a sophisticated GPS tracking system. The smart GPS pet locator collar locates your pet anywhere in the world. Just as long as it can connect to any GSM (2G) cell network.

If you are not in an area with a 2G cell network this product will not work. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. This cell phone system is used in most of the world – in more than 80 countries. Using Pet Tracking – Find My Pet GPS Tracker allows you to use your laptop or smartphone to instantly track where your pet is or has been. As long as your pet is wearing the GPS pet monitor collar.

IMPORTANT: This is a GPS unit and should be outside to receive the most accurate tracking and updates. Otherwise it will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to locate your pet. If these are not available it will use cell networks to give a general location of your pet.

If you are afraid of your pet – dog, cat, or others – getting lost or stolen this pet GPS tracker will help give you a peace of mind. In addition to purchasing this item you will need to pay a monthly small cell network subscription fee. This will be to monitor your pet.

  • NEVER LOSE YOUR PET AGAIN. A pet is more than just any animal – it’s a beloved friend and companion. Be sure you never lose yours by using this great pet GPS locator collar!
  • TAKE YOUR MIND OFF YOUR PET. The tracker collar keeps an eye on your pet while you’re free to work, relax or even sleep. If your pet leaves its designated safe area limits, you will be notified. The notification will be an alert via email, text, or app notifications at once!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS. This GPS tracker is designed with the owners of cats and dogs in mind. However, this does not restrict you from using it to keep track of the position of other animals, like horses or even cattle! Use Pet Tracking – Find My Pet GPS Tracker to find and track much more than just pets. It can track cars, people and your personal belongings.
  • WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. With the help of this GPS locator collar, you can instantly ping your pet’s location anywhere in the world. Just as long as it’s in an area with GSM (2G) cell network coverage. This includes more than 80 countries around the globe.
  • 1 MONTH FREE SERVICE. You will enjoy the whole spectrum of this GPS pet tracker for the first month for free! Afterwards there’s a small cell network subscription fee of $4.99 per month. Or choose a lifetime plan to save even more. A small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll enjoy not worrying about the whereabouts of your pet!
Features of the Pet Tracking – Find My Pet GPS Tracker:
  • 365 Days of past history
  • Smart alerts: Battery Low, Speed Alert, Geo-Fence
  • Beeping command to help you find misplaced device
  • Track anywhere devices can be tracked via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM cellular reception exists worldwide.
  • Free Android and iPhone Apps no need to pay extra to know where your device is
  • SOS Button – With one press of the SOS button, the location can be broadcast via app notification, email, or text
  • Real Time Tracking GPS and GSM provide highly accurate current location and one year of history
  • Smart Alerts User alerts via text, email, and app notifications for location change, customized speed thresholds, and sudden movement or impact.
Package Contents of the Pet Tracking – Find My Pet GPS Tracker:
  • 1 Find My Pet GPS Device
  • 2 Battery Door and one with belt clip
  • 1 Worldwide SIM Card included
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Lanyard
  • 1 Battery
  • Silicon case
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Find My Pet GPS Tracker Manual

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