Hamster Cages – Pink Princess Hamster Cage – Small



The Hamster Cages – Pink Princess Hamster Cage – Small contains two levels. It has plenty of room for your hamster to play and sleep. Constructed of durable plastic which keeps drafts away from your pet.

The dimensions are 11 inches high by 14 inches long by 8 inches wide. The lower level provides a natural hideaway. The upper level includes an integrated feeding area and water bottle. The exercise wheel goes between the two levels. Easy access is provided for interactive play. There are tubes which connects the different levels. Also included is a hamster brush.

The design Hamster Cages – Pink Princess Hamster Cage – Small allows additions to be made to make it larger. It integrates with other Penn Plax tubular hamster homes, environments, and accessories. (all sold separately)

Features of the Hamster Cages – Pink Princess Hamster Cage – Small:
  • Size: 11 inches High by 14 inches Long by 8 inches Wide
  • Turning Wheel – Provides for essential exercise
  • Stimulates natural underground environment
  • Inner Courtyard – Provides abundant room for sleep and play
  • Plastic Housing Reduces Drafts
  • Easily accessible for interactive play
  • Water Bottle and Feeding Areas Integrated into Unit
  • Free hamster brush

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

Penn Plax