Freestanding Large Deluxe Pet Gate


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The Freestanding Large Deluxe Pet Gate is a pet gate that is wide, tall, and has a walk-thru locking gate door. It can accommodate medium to large (17 to 88 pounds) dogs. This is for use with doorway and hallway openings from from 61 inches to 90 inches wide. The walk-thru door opens in both directions and automatically locks when closed. The door also stays open at 90 degrees so you can move freely from one area to another.

There are side panels which keep the gate from falling over. Also includes rubber feet to prevent scratching and sliding on hard floor surfaces. The pet gate is made from eco-friendly, sustainable Rubberwood. The gate door locks at the top and the bottom for extra security.

The width is from 61.8 inches to 90.2 inches and the height is 36.2 inches. The weight is about 40 pounds. The wire is a 7 Gage wire (or 1.44 inches). There is 1 3/4 inches of space between the wire slats. The Freestanding Large Deluxe Pet Gate also includes an instruction manual.

Features of the Freestanding Large Deluxe Pet Gate:
  • Fits doorway or hallway openings from 61.8 inches to 90.2 inches wide
  • It is 36.2 inches high to accommodate medium to large height dogs!
  • The walk-thru gate door locks at the top and bottom for extra security
  • The walk-thru gate door opens up in both directions. It locks automatically, and stays open at 90 degrees to allow free movement
  • Free-standing design allows for easy placement anywhere in the home, anytime you need it!
  • The side panel design helps prevents tipping over
  • The rubber feet protect floor surfaces and prevent sliding
  • Recommended for medium to large dogs from 17 to 88 pounds
  • Includes an Instruction manual
  • The space between the wire slats is 1 3/4 inches
  • The Wire is 7 Gage or 0.144 inches
  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainable Rubberwood
  • Weighs about 40 pounds

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Weight 40 lbs