In - Out Pet Gate Extension

There are times when there is not a pet gate available to fit the size of the area required. When that is the case some pet gates have extension kits available. The pet gates that have extensions kits includes attached, pressure mounted, and freestanding. The extension kits for pet gates generally adds width to the pet gate. But some can add height or add a door (or walk-thru). Pet gates with an extension kit available will have it indicated in the description of the pet gate. Also each of the extension kits listed here indicates which pet gate or pet gates it can be used with.

The majority of the extension kits for pet gates offered increases the width of the pet gate. The increase in width ranges from 3 inches to 40 inches. This depends on the pet gate initially purchased and the extension kit available for it. The width can be increased by including a piece to increase the width of the frame. Or another panel (or section) could be added to the pet gate.

We do have one pet gate that has a top extension for pet gates available with it. The Duragate Mounted Pet Gate has a top extension to add 8 inches to the height of the pet gate. It is also possible to use two of these extensions together to increase the overall height by 16 inches. This pet gate is used in doorways and works for large dogs or jumpers.

Most freestanding pet gates do not have a door or a walk-thru. Usually you have to either step over the pet gate or move it out of the way to get around it. There are a few freestanding pet gates that have a walk-thru extension available with them. The Royal Weave Freestanding pet gate uses a walk-thru extension. This is a door panel added between the panels of the pet gate. This will allow you to pass through the pet gate without having to step over it or move it out of the way.

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