Free Standing Indoor Pet Gates

Free standing indoor pet gates are able to be used anywhere in the home because they do not have to be attached to anything or use pressure (or tension) in order to be used. They generally have wide feet at the bottom or side panels to help prevent them from being tipped over. But they can still be tipped over if pushed or pulled hard enough. There are some free standing pet gates that do not have wide feet or side panels. They are kept upright by the panels being at an angle to each other (not in a straight line).

When using a freestanding pet gate it is can be helpful if part of the pet gate (the ends of it) is against a wall. This can make it harder to knock over. While some pet gates can also be used as baby gates we do not recommended using a free standing pet gate as a baby or small child gate. This is because as the baby grows up and starts pulling up on things he or she might pull the pet gate over onto him or her.

While the freestanding pet gate are used indoors or outdoors the majority of the freestanding pet gates found on this website are for indoors. The Cool Breeze Freestanding Large pet gate is one of the wooden free standing pet gates that can be found on this website. As with most freestanding pet gates it can be folded up for easy storage when not in use. The freestanding indoor pet gate can also be made of metal or a combination of wood and metal.

As with the other types of pet gates the free standing indoor pet gates comes in adjustable widths and various heights. The Bay Isle Indoor Freestanding pet gate comes in several versions with varying minimum and maximum adjustable widths and varying heights. The Bay Isle Freestanding Small pet gate is an example of a free standing walk over gate pet gate since it is only 20 inches high. Most adults would be able to easily step over it. While there may be some freestanding pet gates with doors in them most of them do not have doors so to get around them you will need to either step over them or move them in order to pass through.

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