Attach-Mounted Indoor Pet Gates

Attach-mounted indoor pet gates are pet gates that are installed onto a stud, stairway post, or some other solid surface. It cannot be easily moved around and should be used when a pet gate needs to stay in place for a period of time. When a pet gate is attached (mounted or installed) it will not be tipped or pushed over by a pet or child which does make it safer. Most of the attach-mounted indoor pet gates found on this website are for stairways and doorways.

The pet gate Expandable Walk-thru Mounted Pet Gate is an example of a pet gate for indoor stairways. It can be installed at the top or bottom of a stairway or if you have a large enough landing it could be installed there. The pet gate Duragate Mounted Pet Gate is an example of a pet gate for indoor doorways. This pet gate is also a pet gate for jumpers. Its standard height of 29 ½ inches can be increased from 8 to 16 inches by using one or two pet gate top extension.

If you have a banister or a balcony with large enough openings there may be some concern about your pet or child falling through or getting stuck in the openings. If so there is a banister pet shield protection item that is available to prevent that from happening. It is the Banister Shield Plastic Protector which is a clear heavy duty plastic roll that is attached to the banister or balcony. Since it is clear it will not obstruct the view but will provide protection for your pet.

At some time or other we have had a pet (dog or cat) that will scratch up a door when trying to get either in or out. Instead of getting rid of the pet or having a damaged door there is pet scratch shield protection available to stop the damage. The Door Shield Scratch Protection from Pets item is a clear heavy duty plastic that is attached to the door with a high strength adhesive. The beauty of the door can still be seen but will no longer be scratched up by your pet.

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