Pet Boundary - Wireless Fence

Pet Boundary – Wireless Fence contains the wireless systems available on this website. Wireless fences are easier to set up than underground fences since there are not any wires that need to be buried. The system keeps track of your dogs by uses transceivers to connect the wire-free Smart Station and the pet link collar. Before deciding to buy a wireless fence you need to make sure it will work for you. As with any wireless product there are some environments where WiFi products will not function. Listed below are the environmental conditions / situations in which the Wireless Dog Fence – Perimeter – WiFi will not work. If you have any of the following situations then a wireless fence is not for you.

Situations were a Wireless Fence may not work correctly:
  • Dense trees
  • Siding with Metal siding on your home
  • Roofing materials with Metal on your home
  • Metal structures on your property within the area you wish to contain the dog
  • Log cabins – The system will not function in a log home since it is comparable to dense trees

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