Pets and the Final Decision

Pets and the Final Decision

If you have owned pets for any length of time you have probably been faced with making the final decision. This is the decision on if it is time to put your pet to sleep (euthanasia). This is not an easy decision but it is part of being a pet owner.  So far over time I have owned 5 dogs, 7 horses, and 29 cats. Unfortunately I have had to make this decision multiple times. Some people are able to make this decision. But I know of others who cannot make this decision. The only way to avoid making this type of decision is to not to own pets. But I have had pets around me for all of my life and will continue to do so until I can no longer take proper care of them.

The last time I had to make this decision was for one of my dogs. She was a sixteen and half years old Eskimo Spitz. If you are familiar with the life span of dogs you know this is very old for a dog. She had multiple things wrong with her and they are were mainly related to old age. Such as loss of hearing, diminished eye sight, arthritis, memory problems, and other issues. She was still able to get around and knew the area well. So the diminished eye sight was not that much of a hindrance. But she was slowly going down every day. I did finally make the decision to put her down. Her ashes are buried in a pet graveyard along with other pets that I have lost.

How to make this decision for your pets?

This type of decision is easier when the pet is suffering from a fatal illness or injury. When the best thing is to put them to sleep. But when it is a case of slowly declining health at which point is it best to do this?  I would prefer to have the pet die in his/her sleep or some other natural death. But that usually does not happen. At least not with me.

I do not like to see any of my pets suffer. The quality of life is just as important as the length of life.  When a pet starts having more bad days than good days it is hard for me justify keeping the pet alive. To keep a pet alive when he is suffering seems to me an act of selfishness on the part of the owner. The owner wants to keep the pet with him so badly that he cannot see what it is doing to the pet. Pets give us so much. We should give them what they need when needed even when painful to us. I always hope that when I make this decision it is at the right time and situation.

I always make the decision based on what is best for my pet. Not what is best for me.

Allow time to grieve

You should always give yourself time to grieve for the passing of your pet. Regardless of the circumstances of your pet’s death. There are those who will never understand why you are grieving. Just ignore what they say and give yourself time to mourn. You have just lost a friend or a member of your family. You need to let yourself remember the good times and say your goodbyes.