Pet Gates for Dogs - Others

Pet Gates for Dogs – Others

Pet gates for dogs – others can be very useful in keeping dogs or other types of pets in or out of certain areas. Before getting a pet gate you need to make sure a pet gate will work adequately. Does it take care of your needs? Which type of pet gate works best for you? This article, Pet Gates for Dogs – Others, covers information that can help in your decision making.

Pet gates (also referred to as dog gates) are generally used with dogs. They are also for other types of pets such as with smaller pet pigs, tortoises, or other small animals. Pet gates does not work for cats or others that can climb, are good jumpers, or can squeeze through small areas.

Pet gates and Child (or Baby) gates are the same thing. Using the gate for a child or baby the gates must attach to walls or posts. The child could pulled over or down other types of gates.

Pet Gates for dogs – others usually grouped as inside or outside gates. Most of the ones used inside are not weather proof. They might be able to be used on an enclosed porch or covered outside area. If the area is protected from the weather elements. It depends on the construction of the gate. groups the pets gates used inside into one of three groups.

The Attached-Mounted Indoor pet gates are the most secure pet gates. You have to physically attached to a wall, post, or door jam. These are the types of gates to use with children. Also used at top or bottom of stairways.

The Free-Standing Indoor pet gates are the easiest to move around. They do not attach in any way to any wall, post, or door frame.  Use them in large areas where there are not doorways or hallways. They easily move from one location to another. Free Standing pet gates generally have wide feet or side panels to prevent them from falling over.

The Pressure-Tension Mounted Indoor pet gates use pressure or tension to keep the pet gate in place. Mainly used in hallways and doorways., they do not physically attach to anything. They easily move from one location to another location.  If pushed or pulled on hard enough over a period of time they will come down. It depends on the amount of pressure or tension used when installing the pet gate.

Additional Types of Pet Gates:

Most of the Pet Gates for Outdoors are free-standing pet gates.  Also available for outside attached-mounted pet gates are for use on decks. Also available safety netting for use on balconies or decks to prevent your pet from squeezing through the railings.

In some instances a pet gate for dogs – others does not fit in the desired area. Some pet gates have gate extensions available for them that increases the overall width of the pet gate. This provides you with the needed gate size. Not all pet gates have extensions. You will need to see if the gate you want has one if needed for a larger area.