Houses - Pet Chickens

Houses – Pet Chickens

Today there are more people keeping chickens as pets in the city and suburbs. Most cities and suburbs consider chickens as farm animals. Before getting a chicken as a pet you need to make sure they are allowed. Also you need to find out what the requirements are for keeping them. Some of the things to find out are listed here.

  • Do you need special licenses or permits
  • How far must they be kept from the property line
  • Certain types of chickens not allowed
  • Allowed to have roosters or just hens, etc.

Once you have your answers and you can have chickens as pets you need to provide them a home. They also need a place to move around in. Even though chickens do not normally fly they can fly. They need to be in an area where they cannot fly out.

Or you may want to have their wings clipped. This is needed on a regular basis since new wing feathers grow in on a regular basis.  Chickens allowed to roam keep on roaming farther and farther. Chickens continually look around for bugs and other things to eat. They really do not pay attention to boundaries. They also dig up flowers beds or any place with dirt or mulch in their quest to find bugs.  In addition to providing a house or place to roost chickens need a contained yard area. It need s a top to keep them in place.

There are a variety of chickens to choose from small to large. Each breed has their own characteristics. If you decide to keep chickens as pets you should study the different breeds. This helps to determine which breed is right for you. Multiple websites and books are available dealing with the various breeds. Listed is a couple of websites to review:  Chicken Breeds Ideal for Backyard Pets and Backyard Chickens.

There are also multiple websites and books on caring for chickens. You should have a reference book or website to help in caring for you chicken. Listed is a couple of websites with information about caring for chickens: Wiki How – Care for a Pet Chicken and – Pet Chickens.  You also want to check with your Vet (if you already have one) or a Vet in your area. You need to see if they are familiar with taking care of and treating chickens. Some Vets do not work with birds while other Vets specializes in birds. You should know which Vet you will be using before you actually need one.

Available Houses – Pet Chickens:

PetGatesPlusMore offers several different types of houses (or coops) for up to four or six chickens. The number of chickens would depend on the adult size of the chickens. You should never put chickens in a crowded place. They get stressed and start attacking each other. It is better to have a place that is larger than what they need to have too small of place. We have the Heavy Duty Chick-N-Barn which looks like a barn and provides a place for chickens to roost and nest. There are also some houses that are a combination of a building and a yard. One such combination is the Premium Chick-N-Villa.