Welcome to Pet Gates Plus More!

Pet Gates Plus More offers a variety of pet supplies at reasonable prices with fee shipping on many items. Items are only shipped to addresses within the United States. We are an authorized dealer for Essential Pet Products. If you find something on Essential Pet Products website that you would like additional information on please contact us. We will be happy to get the information for you. If the item is not on our website but is on theirs we will see if we can get it. We will be adding more items over time to offer a wider range of items for a variety of pets. For an overview of the categories showing the pet supplies offered please checkout Pet Supplies.

Please check back from time to time to see what new items are available at Pet Gates Plus More. If you have any suggestions for items you would like to see offered on this website please let us know. You can send us an email through our Contact Page.

Some of the Products Offered:

Pet Gates Plus More has a large selection of indoor and outdoor pet gates to choose from. There are also indoor pet gate extensions and outdoor pet gate extensions available. They are not with all pets gates but do increase the size of the pet gate if needed. Go to Pet Gates for Dogs and Others to see the types of pet gates and extensions that are available.

We also offer SUV cargo liners for pets. They provide protection from dirt and fur that would come from your pet. The pet SUV cargo liners come in several styles and materials. Look them over to find one to fit your needs and style. When traveling with your pet and you need to keep them in the back check out our pet barriers. We have pet barriers for SUV available as well as pet dog travel barriers for other types of vehicles.

Are there instances when you are not able to take your dog out for the daily walk? Check out the possibility of using a dog treadmill or a dog treadwheel to exercise your dog. Both come in a variety of sizes to fit the size of the dog that will be using it. There are several types of small dog treadmill such as the DogTread Small Dog treadmill. There are also treadmills for medium to large to very large dogs. If you have a smaller space or do not want to use additional electricity check out the dog treadwheel. These do not require as much space and does not use electricity in order to work. You can find all of the available dog treadmills and dog treadwheels under Treadmills-Treadwheels for Dogs.